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Dana Point Charter Co.

Sekas Sportfishing combines professional fishing experience, passion, and customer service to create a premiere four pack charter company. Operating out of Dana Wharf gives us the advantage of a central location to all our favorite bite zones, a two minute ride out of the harbor, and the highest quality bait from our friends at Everingham Bait Company. Our company takes pride in operating with integrity and always adhering to government regulations to keep passengers safe at sea. When it comes to fishing, there are certain things beyond any fishermans control, however, what we can control comes from years of experience and careful execution, helping eliminate the stories of the “one that got away” and replacing those stories with great memories and amazing photos.
Christian operated charter fishing boats for several years
Proper training is paramount to success. Owner and operator, Christian Sekas, was lucky enough to be trained by some of the best in the industry, Tom Patierno of “Limitless Sportfishing” and Rick Doesburg of “Fury Sportfishing”. Upon leaving these companies Christian operated charter fishing boats for several years and the desire to start a company with the same standards as his mentors had begun to take over. As these role models and others alike retired they left a void that needed to be filled. This leaves Sekas Sportfishing's mission to continue providing guests from all over the world with a professional fishing operation focused on creating memories of incredible fishing and top-knotch customer service. No matter what skill level, age, or language, Sekas Sportfishing will always strive to leave their guests with an epic experience.

Our Vessel

Our 26’ Anderson, "Lex Sea", was custom built in Goleta, California to fish effectively and comfortably. Anderson boats are famous for quality and seaworthiness. Amenities include four bunks, a microwave, head (bathroom), and plenty of cold storage for food and drinks. The vessel has two giant fish holds, 30 rod holders and a 100 gallon bait tank allowing Lex Sea to carry up to five scoops of bait. She is powered by a 370 horsepower Cummins diesel enabling her to reach fishing grounds 80 miles from Dana Point and still make it back in time for dinner.
About Lex Sea
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